Abort67 Responds to False Allegations


The Abort67 project has endured numerous false allegations about the group’s peaceful presence outside abortion clinics and GP surgeries that accommodate abortion providers. It supports current laws already prohibiting the kind of offences that have been alleged by Ann Furedi, CEO of the largest abortion provider in the UK, bpas. 

One of the latest diatribes against the pro-life movement comes from Ian Dunt of Politics.co.uk 

Members of the anti abortion group claim they have evidence that their conduct is not only well within the law, but respectful. bpas has no evidence that they are acting in the way they suggest. The evidence is also there for anyone who wants to see it that it is in fact bpas that should be the focus of criticism. Their challenge to bpas is “show us the evidence”.

Founder of Abort67, Andy Stephenson says;

“The reason the abortion lobby is fabricating these allegations is because there are no facts that serve them well. They want us gone because we are hurting their business plan to expand and normalise abortion by planting their services into GP surgeries.

"It is an attempt to mislead the public and the authorities as to what is going on outside abortion centres in much the same way that they mislead and exploit their customers as to what goes on inside the abortion centres.

"What should matter here are the facts. There reason that there are no arrests for the alleged criminal activity is that the alleged criminal activity simply isn't happening. The police are watching us. But who is watching bpas?

"We invite MPs to join the police in observing what is actually going on outside the clinics. They should then investigate bpas for consumer fraud.”

For all of the gross misstatement of facts that Ian Dunt regurgitates from the well funded bpas propaganda machine, he does get one thing right; buffer zones would be a redundant attack on Civil Liberties for all, potentially being misused by big businesses to protect their own interests just like Ann Furedi is trying to protect her business. It is ironic that Caroline Lucas MP who submitted an EDM supporting buffer zones was herself arrested outside one of Cuadrilla’s legal and licensed test drilling sites. Should Cuadrilla seek buffer zones too?

Abort67 claims that bpas has initiated a war on free speech in an attempt to hide their own war on science. For years abortion providers have been covering up peer reviewed clinical studies published in the periodic journals of medicine that show there is a link between abortion and breast cancer as well as depression. There is also horrifying evidence that many bpas and Marie Stopes abortion procedures don’t just kill a living human being, but literally torture them to death.

Stephenson says, “We aren’t the ones claiming these links exist, these professionals are. We accept there is evidence for both sides but we believe women have a right to know both, not just what best serves the abortion provider. We don’t harass women, we empower them”

The facts hurt the abortion industry. Why is Furedi urging Mike Penning to respond? Because she wants to be the only one who has access to her vulnerable customers. Why hasn’t Scotland Yard responded? Because buffer zones reduce the Metropolitan police to a private security guard firm who are acting as censors outside Furedi’s clinics. This demeans and misuses the police, forcing them to take sides in a debate that they should stay out of whilst eroding the perceived objectivity of the police. They would be seen as partisans rather than neutral arbiters of public order.

The group has already started contacting other GP surgeries and medical centres making them aware that if they host an abortion provider, they will also invite similar displays outside their premises.

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