Abortionists worried their clinic may need to close


bpas are panicking about their work being exposed

"Bpas said Abort 67 had “flooded the street with protesters” and it had serious concerns that it would have to close down their services."
Quote taken from the i100

Nothing seems to cause supporters of abortion to lose control of their senses quicker than showing what it is they support.

Nothing get's them shouting "HARASSMENT!" or "INTIMIDATION!" as speedily as changing the subject from "Choice" to showing what is being chosen.

This week 25 volunteers joined together outside a GP practice in Southwark to plead with the owners not to allow the countries largest abortion provider, bpas, to rent a room.

Here is the report from London team leader Ruth Rawlins:

bpas is concerned it will have to close down service in southwark

Thank you to those of you who came out on Wednesday in opposition to the opening of an abortion clinic at Blackfriars Medical Practice. Following on from a petition signed by over 1,200 people, Abort67 and friends took to the streets of Blackfriars to show the public the outcome of the service that Bpas (British Pregnancy Advisory Service) are hoping to offer there.

An online news blog stated: “Bpas said Abort67 had “flooded the street with protesters” and it had serious concerns that it would have to close down their services.” This is the power of direct action! We will continue to put pressure on the surgery until those concerns are a reality and that room is used for something other than killing innocent babies. We know that when people see and accept the truth, minds are changed, lives saved, and societies transformed.

Do you want to join us at our next public education display to continue to make ‘business as usual’ impossible for those killing our nation’s pre-born children? We hold displays all over the country, so get in touch if you would like to find out more. info@abort67.co.uk

The Clarkson Academy 2014 - Saturday 1st November

Don’t miss out on this year’s Clarkson Academy, (link to website: www.clarksonacademy.org) to equip, encourage and envision you in defending the pre-born. Whether your eyes have just been opened to the reality of abortion, or you are active in pro-life work, this training day will impact all.

Laura Mann who did the Clarkson Academy last year said: “The Clarkson Academy was my introduction to pro-life work. I was taught on the powerful way language is used to allow abortion to continue and flourish in what is deemed to be a 'progressive nation'. And received training on how to dispel these lies and bring the conversation back to the real issue. It inspired my involvement in travelling all over London, speaking at events to educate others and move them to not just being pro-life but acting it out to make a difference. I would recommend it to everyone.

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Andy Stephenson
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