BPAS Claims Pro-Life Protests Shut Abortion Clinic - But which one?


It was announced on the British Pregnancy Advisory service (Bpas) website that an abortion clinic is to close "as a direct result of protest activity". According to an article on politics.co.uk, the clinic is Blackfriars Medical Practice, where anti-abortion group, Abort67, have been staging peaceful ‘public education displays’ weekly since October 2014, days before the BPAS clinic opened there. However, BPAS deny that this clinic is to close, despite making available private notes from the GP management to the journalist who claimed closure. Both BPAS and Marie Stopes deny that it is one of their clinics closing, yet BPAS refuses to make public which clinic is closing, despite using this information to gain support from MPs in an EDM tabled by Dianne Abbott.

Ruth Rawlins of Abort67 says: "BPAS is a business which promotes abortion but it does not give women the full facts about the consequences of killing their babies and our peaceful display outside clinics are intended to give expectant mothers a clear understanding of the horrific nature of abortion – the destruction of human life - so they can make an informed choice.”

She says as a result of the Abort67 display the GP practice in Blackfriars received hundreds of emails from local residents and patients urging them to close down the abortion clinic. Ruth criticises BPAS’s accusation that Abort67 has harassed women who come to the clinic and says they film their displays to provide visual evidence that BPAS is spreading false claims about the conduct of their protests...

“Our volunteers hand out leaflets and have conversations with passers-by. No one is pressed to engage with us and no one is obstructed from entering the abortion clinic. We simply present educational displays outside clinics to show women the results of abortion procedures,” explains Ruth.

Andy Stephenson, also of Abort67, said: "We have been subject to a relentless campaign of false accusations about our behaviour. If the closure of an abortion facility is now being used as part of a parliamentary effort to introduce unnecessary restrictions on freedom of expression, then there needs to be transparency. Dianne Abbott should disclose full details of the closure. We invite any politicians with concerns to come and visit one of our public education campaigns and to see what we are doing, rather than rely on hearsay."

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