Clinic closure claim gets more intersting


More evidence for the need of security cameras

BPAS denies shutting clinic

In an interesting turn of events, BPAS is denying the closure of one of its baby killing centres. Instead they are claiming that another clinic (that they won't name) has closed.

Why is this interesting? Based on the news of a clinic having to close, MPs Diane Abbott and Caroline Lucas each tabled an Early Day Motion asking for buffer Zones that would protect BPAS' business by banning pro-lifers from going anywhere near abortion clinics. Diane Abbott's EDM is even titled "Closure of Abortion Clinics". If you followed the link in the last newsletter it was the closure of the clinic that motivated the activity in Parliament.

We have written to Ian Dunt, the writer who claimed the Blackfriars Medical Centre had been forced to shut; asking him to supply his source.

Here is what Mr Dunt wrote: 

"Last October, a GP practice opened up an abortion service. Days before it opened, the protests started. A practice manager wrote to the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (Bpas):

'Today we have anti-abortion protestors outside the building. They came in today shouting about us letting Bpas into our surgery. They tried to film me but I sent them out of the building and they have told me that they are going to protest outside every day until your services have been removed.'

That is exactly what they did. Eventually, the practice was so intimidated they had to close the service down. The manager said:

'The longer the protestors continue their fight the more the staff and patients are getting upset by their presence and intimidation. The practice does not have the resources to deal with this constant problem.'

Blackfriars is not an isolated case. Incidents take place regularly at clinics across London, including Stratford and Richmond, where complaints have been made by local residents, and elsewhere in the country, including clinics in Brighton and Chester." 

Anyone who has seen our displays would not recognise the alleged behaviour. The campaign to malign pro-lifers is an attempt to create a distraction from what the abortion industry is doing. The fact remains that there is no intimidation or harassment occurring; simply the exposure of what BPAS do.

It is still possible that BPAS have been asked to leave the clinic but have a few months notice. Perhaps another clinic has shut down but MPs need to investigate before they legislate; particularly when freedom of speech is being threatened.

I apologise for getting your hopes up but we should be encouraged that the abortion industry is trying so hard to get rid of us. We must be hurting their business. We are certainly not giving up.


More hostility shown towards those defending life

There have been more assaults and people vandalising our warning signs over the last couple of weeks. One of our volunteers was spat on by the woman pictured above. In Brighton another passerby spat at the team. Fortunately their aim was poor and the sign was hit.

One of the most bizarre responses by pro-aborts is to remove/destroy our warning signs. These signs allow people to make the choice whether or not to look at the abortion victim photographs. Why they decide to remove this opportunity is quite strange.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support against this injustice.

To support Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform UK/Abort67 or find out more, please contact Ivana on

Thank you for your support as we continue to end abortion, one mind at a time.

Andy Stephenson
Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform UK/Abort67


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