NBC News shows abortion victim banner


"There's one thing that both anti-abortion and abortion-rights activists agree on. A shift is underway in Europe..." - NBC News

NBC News Shows Our Abortion Victim Banners

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CBR UK/ Abort67 on NBC News

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Click here for the whole article. Increasing numbers of journalists, researchers and film-makers have approached us to find out more about why Ann Furedi (CEO of the largest Abortion provider in the UK) describes us as:

"Abort67, one of the groups responsible for the protests, has few supporters and almost no political influence or significance. It is hugely unpopular even with mainstream anti-choice campaigners, who spend as much time trying to distance themselves fromAbort67 as we spend trying to distance its protesters from our clinics." - Ann Furedi of bpas describing us in Spiked online

Despite our insignificance, Ann spends an inordinate amount of time trying to stop us.

In a recent article, Cassandra Vinograd of NBC, covers our links to the U.S. and gives a great deal of space to Gregg Cunningham, the founder of CBR US who eloquently explains why we do what we do.

There are predictable attempts to discredit our work by insinuating that we or our affiliates in Poland or elsewhere would call a woman a "murderous whore" or throw Holy Water around.

We spend time praying for those in the abortion industry like Ann Furedi, why on earth then would we attack the women that the abortion industry shamefully exploit?

At least Cassandra and her editors, despite their personal views, possess the journalistic integrity to show their readers why there are calls for buffer zones, by including the graphic abortion images in their report.

The exposure of abortion is turning the tide.

Volunteers on our displays are observing a sea change in public opinion.

That isn't to say everyone who comes across us is pleased to see us of course. But when a passerby gets angry about seeing abortion we can politely ask them (where appropriate), "If abortion is such a noble choice/socially responsible act, then why do pictures of it make you so angry?"

 It isn't the initial reaction by which we determine whether a display was successful or not. We are merely sowing seeds. Every time we expose the truth of what abortion does, it stops the pretending that abortion is a good "Choice" or "Healthcare"; minds are changed and lives are saved.

Please get in touch if you would like to help us expose this genocide by joining us on a display.

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