To The Voter #ThisIsAbortion

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  •  Name: To The Voter #ThisIsAbortion
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  • Twitter/Facebook Campaign
  • Local MP's Made Aware
  • UK Aware Of Consequences

Do you know where your MP stands on the abortion issue? 

It's time to find out.

Here are the main political party's positions on abortion according to their 2017 manifestos:

Also, here is what some of our extreme pro-abortion MP candidates had to say on this issue:


Before you vote in this June's election, find out what your MP thinks about abortion. 190,800 pre-born children were aborted in England and Wales (2013). Your vote could make a difference. 98% of abortions are funded by your taxes each year (£130-150 million). Your vote could change this. 

Don't waste your vote. Make it count for the pre-born.

Find out who your MP is by using the link below, and ask them where they stand before you vote. (Link to find MP)

Template email for sending to your MP;
Dear (MP name),

As a resident in your constituency I am writing for clarification of your thoughts regarding abortion. Where do you stand in the abortion debate? Do you hope to see any changes made to abortion laws? I look forward to considering your response before I vote. Sincerely,

(Name of constituent)


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  Phone: 08448 22 17 67

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